Getting Started
Getting Started

If you are concerned about your child's speech and language development, email Emily at  In the email, include the age of your child, your location, and a few details about your concern and she will respond within 24 hours.

After the initial email, Emily will help you determine if an evaluation is necessary.  Consultations and evaluations take place in your child's home.  Emily uses a combination of structured and unstructured materials to assess your child's speech and language.  She will also ask that you fill out a case history form, so that she has all the necessary background information to make a determination as to whether speech-therapy is warranted.  Emily will follow up within 24 hours with a summary and recommendations.  Assessments with and without formal write-up are offered. 

Evaluations and Consulations
Speech-Language Therapy

If you and Emily decide to move ahead with therapy, a treatment plan will be developed.  Speech and Language therapy can take place in your child's home or daycare.  Session length and frequency will be determined based on several factors that will be discussed during the assessment process.